Ministerial Association Initiatives and Resources

Annual Gathering at Celebration
Each April the Ministerial Association gathers for ministry resourcing and encouragement, collegial connection, worship, and to conduct business. This gathering occurs in conjunction with the PSWC’s Celebration and Annual Meeting.

In partnership with the Conference, we sponsor multiple retreats each year for pastors, staff, and spouses to get away, connect with God, and be encouraged through time with one another. Watch for listings on the monthly PSWC email, Quick Connect.

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Cluster Gatherings
We believe staying connected locally is an important way for leaders to be consistently connected to the larger body of Christ and to what God is doing among us as a whole. Contact PSWC staff at 925.677.2140 or to learn about cluster gatherings in your area.

Spiritual Direction
The gift of spiritual friendship is one of the most powerful ways we can support and encourage one another in ministry. Spiritual Direction is, essentially, the gift of coming alongside one another to listen to the voice of God in our lives. It is not counseling or even “advice giving.” It is, at its heart, a safe and confidential place to seek God directly in partnership with a trusted friend and colleague.

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Leadership Communities
Currently, we are piloting pastoral gatherings called Leadership Communities. A Leadership Community is a group of 6-8 pastors, led by a trained facilitator, engaged in peer mentoring, training, and one-on-one coaching, to further equip pastors spiritually, personally, and professionally. Early reports indicate pastors are finding these to be places of deep connection, powerful support, and innovative inspiration.

Pastor Care
We work closely with our Conference leadership to provide timely and sensitive care for any pastor who is in need. Whether small or great, personal or professional, when life happens we all need the support and encouragement of our trusted community. Sometimes the hardest step is reaching out and asking for help. We encourage you to call before the challenge grows to overwhelming. Reach out. We’re here to help. Contact the PSWC Office at 925.677.2140.

Committee On Ministerial Standing (COMS)
Our COMS team works hard to welcome, interview, and process all candidates for ministerial licensing, commissioning, and ordination. In partnership with the Covenant’s Board of Ordered Ministry, we strive to keep our credentialing process supportive, encouraging, and relational while also maintaining high ethical and theological standards. Together we are called to be leaders of character, competency, and constancy.

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