PSWC Fall 2019 Wednesday Webinars

Growing a Culture of Inclusion
September 4, 2019 noon – 1:15PST
Autism, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, developmental and learning disabilities… Approximately 12% of children have special needs, but many churches are ill-equipped to minister well to these children and families.  Join Jean Cheng Gorman, PSWC Director of Ministerial Health, and Bronwyn Murphy, Inclusion Coordinator at UCC-Davis, to learn how to grow a culture of inclusion within your church that embodies the gospel for all.

MINISTRY TO YOUNG ADULTS (two-part series)
Reaching Young Adults (Part 1)
October 2, 2019, noon – 1:15pm PST
How can your church more effectively minister to young adults? Start by deepening your understanding of the life stage of emerging adulthood and its implications for ministry.  Jean Cheng Gorman (PSWC Director of Ministerial Health) and Matt Aalseth (Director of Youth Ministry) share practical ways to serve and connect emerging adults with your church.

Partnering with Parents of Young Adults (Part 2)
November 6, 2019, noon – 1:15pm PST
What do churches with thriving young adult ministries have in common? Parents who understand emerging adulthood and are well-equipped to provide the supportive relationships young adults need!  Discover ways to tap into this hidden potential within your church and to bless both generations.

Personality Disorders in the Church
December 4, 2019, noon – 1:15pm PST
Is there someone in your church who drives you (and everyone else) crazy?  Despite your best efforts to communicate and resolve conflict, do you find yourself in the same scenario over and over again?  Psychologist and pastor Jean Cheng Gorman, PSWC Director of Ministerial Health, shares how personality disorders impact your relationships and how to regain your sanity.

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