PSWC 2020 Wednesday Webinars

Bring your lunch, meet your peers, and learn together!  WEDNESDAY WEBINARS are live, interactive seminars with PSWC colleagues via BlueJeans video conferencing.  No cost, but space is limited.  We meet from noon – 1:15pm PST on the first Wednesday of the month – make it your routine for learning and connection! 

Mental Illness in the Church
(Facilitated by psychologist & pastor Jean Cheng Gorman, Director of Ministerial Health)

A Look from the Inside (February 5, 2020)
Mental illness transcends all ages, races, and professions. Covenant church planter E. Jill Riley shares her experiences of psychiatric care and trauma treatment to help us better understand and respond to mental illness in the faith community.  Jill Riley has served in ministry for over twenty years as a pastor and consultant in many different denominations.  A popular speaker/teacher, Jill shares stories that speak with honesty and raw vulnerability on the topics of faith, mental illness, abuse and grace.

Depression (March 4, 2020)
Some congregants can tell you they feel depressed.  Others are depressed but don’t know it because they aren’t “sad,” yet it is negatively impacting their relationships.  Learn to recognize depression and to understand your unique role to enable others to get the help they need.

Anxiety (April 1, 2020)
Anxiety is on the rise on our culture and in our church. Why? As pastors, what can we do about the presence and impact of anxiety in our congregants and church?

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