Children youth and families face challenges and complexities that are greater than those known by previous generations. It is essential that we bring the very best of who we are to them, prioritizing resources and equipping leaders. Homes and churches that model vibrant faith to children and youth are more likely to nurture an enduring faith among the next generation. Some ways we live into this include:

Networking of Youth Leaders Regionally. 

In parts of the PSWC, youth leaders gather regularly for connection, peer resourcing, and community. Contact the leader listed by your area, or to begin a new group email Theo Wilson,

•Sacramento, Alex Wright,
• N. SF Bay, Matt Bleckley,
• San Joaquin Valley, Haley Neiderhiser,
• LA area, Nick von Stein,
• San Diego Area, Theo Wilson,
• Arizona (Pheonix), Chris Roberds

Networking Children’s Ministry Leaders. 

• Bay Area, Samantha Trimble,

• Sacramento, Rob McGee,

• San Joaquin Valley, Sarah Barton,

Questions about children’s ministry? Anita Eyer on our team is glad to connect you to seasoned children ministry leaders.

Hispanic Youth Gatherings. 

In the greater LA Area, multi-church Hispanic youth gatherings are taking place 2 – 3 times per year. For more information contact