Ministry happens best out of a vibrant relationship with God and a dependence on the Holy Spirit. God created and cares for the whole person, and so we encourage a proactive approach to nurturing the spiritual, emotional, interpersonal and physical health of our pastors, staff, lay leaders and spouses. When church leaders are healthy and missional, churches are energized to fully engage in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.

As Director of Ministerial Health, Jean gives leadership to Ministerial Health alongside Pablo Anablon, a PSWC Ministry Associate. Some of the ways we live into this include:

Crisis Support of Pastors and Churches

There are times in each of our lives when we need an increased level of support. This is also true for pastors and churches. Conflict or challenge may also provide a key opportunity to move vision and ministry forward.

Pastor/Staff/Spouse Dinners.

Community is an essential part of ministerial health. Annually, we will gather each cluster region for a Friday evening in a local restaurant. We believe there is great value in you knowing each other, taking time out for a fun meal, and being reminded of God’s love for you as we highlight important principles for self-care.

Investing in Ministry Spouses.

Ministry spouses – faithful servants who are often overlooked – are important! In addition to facilitating community at Friday dinners and PSWC retreats, we are forming a peer support network and spiritual direction groups to intentionally nurture the spiritual health of spouses.

Cluster Meetings.

We are in it together, and connecting monthly with other pastors and staff provides support, inspiration, and friendship. We seek to strengthen existing cluster groups and develop new groups as our conference continues to expand.

For support or questions related to ministerial health, contact Jean Cheng Gorman at